Quereres – Research Group on Differences, Human Rights and Health

Quereres is an academic research group that unites researchers dealing with differences, human rights and health. Theoretically, the common perspective is a queer feminist one based in the Global South.

Since its creation, in 2004, Quereres contributes to the consolidation of gender and sexuality studies in the Brazilian academic system. The group is localed at the Graduate Program on Collective Health of UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil).

Its researchers have created events and taken part in national and international seminars presenting papers, and also publishing in the most important Brazilian journals on gender and sexuality.

Quereres has also worked as a partner of the Brazilian Federal Government offering 3 editons of an online course on gender and diversity to more than 3,000 teachers around the country. This experience has also originated two books on differences in the education process, both edited by EDUFSCar, the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) university press.

For further information about Quereres, contact its leaders, Richard Miskolci (richard.miskolci@unifesp.br) or Pedro Paulo Gomes Pereira (pedropaulopereira@gmail.com)


Know our Leaders and researchers!

The research group is formed by leaders and associated researchers from other universities.

The leaders are the responsibles for the meetings and other activities. The researchers are partners in events, publications and intellectual exchanges.


Richard Miskolci

Pedro Paulo Gomes Pereira


Anna Paula Vencato (UFMG)

Berenice Bento (UnB)

Estevão Fernandes (UNIR)

Fernando Figueiredo Balieiro (UFSM)

Jorge Leite Júnior (UFSCar)

Larissa Pelucio (Unesp)

Mario Pecheny (Universidad de Buenos Aires – Argentina)

Mauricio List (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla – México)

Roger Raupp Rios (Uniritter)

Tiago Duque (UFMS)